We offer a wide range of life insurance plans for protection, health, investment, education, retirement, travel, vehicle, wellness and more..


Our company, Costgo International (HK) Limited, was established in 2005. We do all sorts of insurance, such as car insurance (includes comprehensive and third party cover), domestic helper insurance, travel insurance, commercial vehicle insurance, employees’ compensation insurance and so on.

We can do four insurance companies’ products, we have QBE Hongkong & Shanghai Insurance Limited, China Pacific Insurance Company, Dah Sing Insurance Company Limited and AXA Insurance Company Limited.

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What We Offer

Travel insurance – we do single trip insurance and annual insurance.  Single trip insurance only for short trip travel, it is quote by days.  If you are a frequent traveller, it is better to buy an annual travel insurance.  For annual travel insurance, it also have no claim bonus, i.e. if you buy the first year with no claims occur, you can have discount on the second year.  The discount will be continue until claim occurs.

 Domestic helper insurance is designed for the people who need a helper at some concern and must have an insurance under employee’s compensation ordinance.  It includes clinical expenses for maximum $500 each month.Vehicle insurance has motorcycle, private vehicle and commercial vehicle insurance.  We only do third party insurance for motorcycle, can have a table for basic charge. Private vehicle has comprehensive and third party cover.  It will need a quote by each vehicle as the charge will need to depend on the driver’s age, experience and car age.

If not listed out, please feel free to get a manual quotation.